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Remember Justice?

This video was from back in 2008 and just this week his mom
Emailed Trish thanking her for talking to him back then.
More to come...

The enemy gets tired like we do of resisting.
Who will tap out first?

Do you ever get weary of doing good? Perhaps you feel like all the witnessing to your family is getting nowhere or that the tracts that you pass out are in vain. Or maybe that your prayers are not being heard. Or have the everyday trails of life caused a dark cloud to remain fixed above your head? Don’t forget that there is a spiritual battle going on. The Bible tells us in Ephesians 6: 12 our battle is not against flesh and blood but with principalities and powers. Another version says “our struggle is not against flesh and blood”.

If you are a Christian, you know it is like to be tired during the battle in resisting wickedness and temptations. You know what it's like to get weary in the fight. You know what it is like to have seasons that seem particularly heavy with trails of various kinds.

I was on the mission field recently in Guadalajara Mexico with Tim Conway (Pastor from Grace community Church known for his media ministry I’ll Be Honest) and several other brothers and sisters. We talked for nearly an hour about spiritual depression and spiritual warfare. Tim talked about some intense times in his life which lead him to share thoughts about how the enemy ...

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Hope to see you at the
for details to register.

A Man with a Purpose

My friend Bill from Sermon Audio emailed me about

a 95 yr old man giving his life's savings to insure

every home in Austin receives The Gospel of John.

That's over 435,000 homes, close to a million souls!

Read more here: http://www.sermonaudio.com/austin  

Pray for salvation!

3 Winners were chosen - Pictures coming soon

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See if you see what I see...

 Put your finger across the seam where the two blocks meet.

Now what color are the blocks?

New tract, here at:

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Happy Winners of our Big giveaway earlier this year!

Pastor Spit on By Angry Pagan Student During
Open-Air Preaching at the University of North Texas

For more go to Christian Newswire
Encouraging Poem Written by my 80 year old Friend
Dee Sloane that came in the mail to me recently...

Heavenly Treasure: The Bible

Here in our treasures more precious than gold;
it is God’s word preserved for us
written down in days of old....See More
Encouraging Poem Written by my 80 year old Friend Dee Sloane that came in the mail to me recently...  Heavenly Treasure: The Bible  Here in our treasures more precious than gold; it is God’s word preserved for us- written down in days of old. Words of wisdom, words of love, words to live by, sent from above; Words that are fresh and new every day; God promises that they are here to say stay. Search for this treasure and you will find instruction and counsel that renews the mind; comfort joy and peace untold will come to you as God’s story unfolds. Strength for today, hope for tomorrow, blessings are yours in times of joy and sorrow. So do not neglect this gift from above, for it is given by a God of love.

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Congrats to Lisa C.!!!

For winning Convert AND The Biggest Question DVD.
Sorry, Dog not included.

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Comes with easy directions. I used this at the mall the other day and got a crowd. It's a great ice-breaker for the Gospel.

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Meet the Winner of the Guess Handbag...

Congrats to Jackie Sia Ngo for winning the Guess handbag! 
God bless you, sis.

In Memory of Baby 12-17-2012

On Monday, I just finished writing the Verse of the Day (1 Peter 1:24-25) on our family white board and minutes later my faithful friend, Baby, would suddenly die. Life is quick and very precious. Emilio, Emmanuel and I are celebrating her life. And Manny put on her "fishing" jacket and will be helping me fish for men in her stead.

We pilgrims walk the tightrope between earth and heaven, feeling trapped in time, yet with eternity beating in our hearts. Our unsatisfied sense of exile is not to be solved or fixed while here on earth. Our pain and longings make sure we will never be content, but that’s good: it is to our benefit that we do not grow comfortable in a world destined for decay. - Joni Eareckson Tada

The Biggest Question in Spanish
Comes to Fort Worth....

Chilling new film by producers of "180"...
Genius The Movie" watch it in it's entirety here!

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Tracts and The Biggest Question DVD!!!

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A Fantastic Christmas Gift!

Set your Tivo or Watch it air Live....

The Way of the Master Season 4 is now on TBN weekly!
This is the season from that crazy 13 country 13 day trip to Europe. 


Meet the team: 


Get More Of This At Wretched.tv If You Can Handle The Truth!

A Very Generous Review of Convert


Update on Baby...

It's been two weeks since Baby had congestive heart
failure and with the help of a terrific Christian vet,
a ton of herbs and heart medicine from my
mother - in -
law and a terrific ped med company,
coupled with the prayers of all the dog lovers
and of course the grace of God...Baby is doing
better today. She grabbed her toy to show you
and did her half smile pose. :-)

(click on the picture to enlarge)

What The Emergency Vet Had to Say to us....

Had to take Baby (our dog) to the emergency vet last night.
She was coughing and breathing bad. It progressed rather quickly.
Bad enough for us to not wait till the AM to take her to a regular vet...

Read the rest HERE!

Website is Now "LIVE".
Check it out...


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Cool Bible.

People love gifts.

Watch their responses...
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Flood Theology

Hat Tip: Wretched

NEW THINGS You Don't want to Miss!


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Things Haven't Changed Much...

A snippet from John Wesley's journal.
Things haven't changed much, have they?

BREAKING NEWS! New Church Plant
in Frisco, TX!

New Solid church plant in Frisco, TX
Heritage Grace Community Church. 
First Service: THIS Sunday! 
If anyone is looking for a good bible teaching 
church in the area, spread the news! 
The website is now live: http://www.heritagegrace.com/
Details are on the website.

180 Movie Makes it to Glenn Beck TV


(it starts at the 9 min mark)

Click HERE to watch the short clip.

An email that came into the ministry

Click HERE to read!

The Biggest Project comes to UTA

What happens when 22 people hand out 2200 DVD's in 2 hours?
Well, lets just say that it's not without problems (watch till the end)...

To help click HERE!

Coby Responds to The Biggest Question DVD

Trish ran met Coby at UNT today. He received a copy
of TBQ DVD back in March during the give-away.
He shares his thoughts...

Visit HERE to watch the short clip!
(When you click on the link, make sure you are
logged into your Facebook page to view)

The Biggest Project in Action.


What it means to be a Man

Click HERE to read in honor of
John Harper's life!

What the New Religion of Atheism Has to Offer

Hat tip to: James White


"Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
Who according to His abundant mercy has begotten us again
to a living hope through the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
from the dead." 1 Peter 1:3

It's a Good Friday indeed!

Hat tip: The Biggest Project

Fish With Trish Store Featured "Tract of the Week"

(Pay no mind to the dog in the background)

Click HERE to read the front and back

The Biggest Project give-away impacted
Chardon High in Ohio with
100's of The Biggest Question DVD's...

Even the mascot made it there! 

Wretched TV goes LIVE with Trish at UNT!

 The Biggest Project in Action!

Last week our permit was rejected (watch video
below) but this week was success!
A team of 18 folks handed out 2500 DVD's of
The Biggest Question for The Biggest Project
very first give-away at UNT.

The Biggest Project in Action.

The Word for Today: "Providentially Hindered"

Preparation Time: 

For the very first-ever Biggest Project give-away in North Texas!
Look hard(ly) to find the mascot.


My dog responds to “The Biggest Project.”



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Have you heard about this yet?

Biggest Project


Follow and You'll Fish.

A sneak peek at The Way of the Master
Season 4 Mission Europe: Prague

"We glorify God by laboring to draw others to God;
by seeking to convert others and so to make them
instruments of glorifying God." - Thomas Watson



Need a laugh? Watch Ray Comfort, Mark
Spence, Todd Friel and Trish DANCE...


To View:
Click on the picture


The Perfect Gospel Tract Bag...


Hat tip to Ona F.

Who needs an alarm when you have one of these...

How many "180" DVD's can be passed out in 30 minutes?

An Angry Reaction to 180

Is it a "baby" at the moment of conception?

Click HERE to see what this book says!

"180" Movie Reject:

One Student Hands an Open Copy Back to Me. Watch Why...

The Gospel Message on Toothpicks
Click HERE to read more

The 15th most frequently asked question at 
Fish with Trish is...drum roll, please...

Q15. What verses should I memorize for Evangelism?

Click HERE to find out & scroll down to Q15!

The one time I wish I had 5 thumbs...

I would put them all up for this film!
Do your family a favor this weekend and
take them to see "Courageous".

Anthony Martin gives a 3 minute Gospel message
to the Torrance City Council at their weekly meeting.
(The message starts at the 4:34 mark).

"I've been looking for God"


Justice, if in God's providence you happen upon this
website please email Trish: 
(she would love to know what happened to you)

Cool Baby Gift Idea

When you give your basket throw in tracts!
Note: Make sure that mom or dad likes to hand them out.

Congrats to Jameka...

A second time winner on Fish With Trish. Enjoy Feminine Threads!

Did you know Ray Comfort
has a daily "Live" 28 min TV program?

It's called, "On The Box", check it out...and Trish is in
the fox hole on this episode and you get a sneak peek
at one of her new handbags - by the look on 
Ray and Tony's face, they aren't too impressed. :-) 


The 14th most frequently asked question at
Fish with Trish is...drum roll, please...


Q14. I want to share the gospel and still
be a biblical woman. How do I do both? 

Click HERE to find out & scroll down to Q14!

I'm diggin' this (for solid biblical lyric lovers only)

Hat tip: Shai Linne

"Uh-Oh" Club - for ladies only

Each Thursday my friend Kristen and I go to a local University and witness to students. A couple weeks ago as we walked into the campus cafeteria a young student was walking out. I couldn't help but notice how horribly low her shirt was. I quickly handed her a tract and said, "Did you get one?" She took it. Then, in a low horrified voice, I covered my mouth and said to her, "Uh Oh!" as I pointed several times at her chest area. She frantically looked down, as if she had no idea, and started buttoning everything up. Then she responded, "Thanks." I wonder how long she walked around the campus with her shirt like that -without anyone saying a word.

Click HERE for more and then read my RESPONSE to a comment on this post

Need a Smile Today? This should help...

Hat Tip: Erin W.

Jeans or No Jeans? That is the question.

Hi Trish, when the Bible says "modest apparel," do you think that it means that women shouldn't wear jeans or any pants in general? I don't wear those "skinny" jeans that are popular today, but just your average Levi's. Would you (or should I say would God) think that they are acceptable for a woman to wear? Most of the women in my conservative church wear skirts most of the time, even when they aren't in church. - Bridget
Click HERE to read my answer.

Who can say, "Tracts don't work"?

This email came into Living Waters yesterday:

"I met a man at the gas station the other day.
He gave me a trillion dollar bill.
Made me think about my life. Thanks, George"

I wrote back, saying:

"Dear George, Thank you for writing.
I'm glad that someone cared enough to hand
you a gospel tract. I hope you read the back
and that you have made peace with God by
repenting and trusting in Jesus Christ as your Savior."


He wrote back today, click HERE to read what he said!


Evaluate your Facebook page
Click HERE for More!

Church Sign
Make sure you are saved!
If you're not sure you are "saved", click HERE.

4 things every Christian woman should heed
before going out to share the gospel
Pic: Trish shares the Gospel with 6 Jewish students at the top of Masada
(Scotty in green films for
The Way of the Master Season 5 Mission Israel)
Click HERE to read!

We're back from Israel!
Lot's of exciting things happened.
Ray rode a camel then kissed it...There's never
a dull moment when Ray Comfort's in town!
Oh and Baby loves her new toy...I get the
feeling that it's not going to last very long.
See the camel kiss HERE!

For pics and updates of Israel, click here:

Follow the Living Waters team as they film
Season 5 of "The Way of the Master" in Israel.

Filming will be the first 10 days of May in Israel.
Appreciate your prayers for this!

Clcik HERE to follow the blog posts of the trip

Don't Waste Your Dog - 2 Min Evangelism Tip 


Oh The Wonderful Cross...


NEW: Two Minute Tips for Evangelism (Apple Store Tip

To view MORE quick tips, click HERE!

Beautiful are the feet of those
who bring good news


 Mike Stockwell preaching at the Apple Blossom Festival in VA
as this woman, Jennifer, openly weeps at the message.

Count the cost for joining
the Sovereign Joy Evangelism Team

Psalm 14:1; 1 Cor 1:18


Got to love that dogs expression

After 3 weeks of being stranded,
this dog is rescued and reunited with her owner.

The debris is heart shaped (1.15 min mark)


Fish Flow

Hat tip: Jason D. for point this out.

70 % of people couldn't answer this question...

The words of Dr. D. James Kennedy
shortly before he died...

Click HERE to Read

Good one, Dan!

Hat tip to graphic artist Daniel Nuckols

The "Mushroom Bible"?

A whole new meaning to what it means to "grow" in the Word.

Is Martin Bashir more biblical
than "Pastor" Rob Bell? Answer: Yes.

Martin Bashir Professes Faith in Christ 
and Attends Tim Keller's Church
Listen to the interview,

A REALLY good program...tune in FREE and LIVE!

Click HERE to watch!

Church in Danger of Becoming Irrelevant, says Author


Click HERE to read





"The enjoyment of [God] is our highest happiness, and is the
only happiness with which our souls can be satisfied. To go to
heaven, fully to enjoy God, is infinitely better than the most
pleasant accommodations here. Fathers and mothers, husbands,
wives, or children, or the company of earthly friends, are but
shadows; but God is the substance. These are but scattered beams,
but God is the sun. These are but streams. But God is the ocean."

Jonathan Edwards



Hat Tip: Elsy Carrero and Artist: Abell

The one time I was tempted to be a trash digger...


Church Sign...

Hat tip: Jaylene and Yahoo news




God can use even an earache

I'm not a fan of going to the doctor but I'll go if I think
it's something that could be serious. I woke up Saturday with
a sore right ear. It progressed and was worse the next day.
I went online to self diagnose and each time it said something
to the effect of "see your doctor immediately!" On Sunday night,
I had pretty intense pain and couldn't sleep well.
I wasn't sure if I got bit by a spider while sleeping or what
was happening - it's better to be safe than sorry,
so when Monday morning rolled around I went to the doctor.

Click HERE for more

Something worth thinking about

"Sin wouldn't be so attractive if the wages were paid immediately." -Anonymous

Best video I've seen all year

Grab the family. Take 5 minutes to sit down and watch.
It's worth your time. Really worth it.

THIS was in a Christian bookstore?...Yes.

Click HERE for more

Worst "church" sign of 2011


Where will you go for eternity?

There is nothing more important than where you will spend eternity!

If you have never thought about where you will go when you die...now is the time to do so. Perhaps you received one of these tombstone cards with the question, "What is the most important part on this headstone?"
What do you think?
Take a good look at it.
Is the most important part your name? The date? That you were dearly loved? That you were someone's son or daughter?
The answer is surprising...
It's none of the above!
Did you miss it?
Most people do.
The most important part on the headstone is the dash in between the two dates. It represents all the days of your life here on earth. The bible tells us that life is like a vapor. Think about it. Your life appears for a little while and then it's gone. 
Please take a few minutes and click HERE to read more!


Plus a Thank you to you...

Click HERE for more

Very neat...

Jenifer gave this Catholic man 6 tracts
in the last 3 Years and he had all of them in his wallet

Hat tip to Jenifer P.

Weird Church Sign 


Please tell me that this isn't for the purpose of Evangelism!

(Hat Tip: Craig B)

Finally...A Great Church Sign

Hat tip: Robert A.

Robert won
The Big Question DVD

Congrats brother!

Click HERE!

Meet 1 Winner of the Tract Handbag give-a-way at Psalm 119... 



Ladies who care about the Lost

Meet the Ladies of the Spring. Pic: was taken in
Houston during a Women's Conference on Evangelism at 
Fresh Spring Baptist Church each lady was given a
gospel tract and is holding them up.

Keep pressing on ladies!

Meet the Winner of The Mission Ball...

Congrats to Diana (left) and her sister Angelika!

The Psalm 119 Conference was a blast

Peter Hammond, Emilio Ramos, Paul Taylor, Todd Friel
Phil Johnson and Justin Peters during Q & A at Psalm 119
at Sovereign Joy Community Church in Keller, TX. 

Meet Jameka - the winner of the
Homemade Tract Handbag

Click HERE to read what happened when 
she took it on it's 1st trip to

My Poor Tracts

The one time it's okay not to have tracts in your pocket.


Click HERE for more!

Sound Familiar?

If so, click HERE and watch a few tips to help
ease the pain of sharing your faith.

Comfort Celebrates Texas Victory Over Secret Service 

Click HERE for more

Nice sub woofers...

Hint: My next Two Minute Tip will look similar to this.

Congrats to Trisha H. in Ohio

Trisha won a copy of Luther Gold signed by Ray Comfort.
And no...she didn't win because of her nice name. :-)

Is it legal to have this much fun?

Ray throws a wad of gospel tracts into the crowd of over 2000
 folks who attended
Transformed in San Jose, CA.
Thanks a million to the Nor Cal Seed Sowers and everyone who
made Transformed possible.
Photo courtesy of Jared Duba.

Now I've seen it all...

But I had to get just one box for Baby...
after all, it's her best life now.

A Good Reminder Why I Use Tracts

Click HERE to read


Meet the Homemade Tract Handbag Winner

Congrats to Jennifer M. from Chandler, AZ!


Largest Handbag in the World

I wonder how many gospel tracts would fit in here?

Hat tip to "It's a big deal"

The message on the back is
worth more than money can buy...

Click HERE to read why I think Gospel Tracts
are effective in reaching the lost

Funny Church Sign...




Chris and Hala hear Good News on Wretched Radio

Click HERE for more!

One of Ray Comfort's tracts
given to robbers during hold-up

Click HERE to Watch!

Baby has cancer

Below is my favorite picture of Baby and my husband.
Well, actually I have a ton of favorite pictures of her. :-)
We found out on Nov 30th that she has cancer.
Lumps seemed to appear overnight on her
lymph nodes. We took her to the Vet and they said if
we don't do anything for her that she has 2-4 weeks to live.
She has Lymphosarcoma (cancer of the lymph nodes).
I could hardly believe my ears. She's so young. She wasn't
even showing any signs. We thought we'd have her for
many more years but death can creap upon us so quickly,
life is short, isn't it! But God has ministerd to me through His Word!

"In His hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind." Job 12:10

I write about how we got Baby plus more, HERE!

An email from a great mom

"What doubles the amazing way of serving Him (God)
and sharing the gospel in such an easy way,
is that now my five-year-old daughter is asking me,
"Mama, why do you keep handing those things to everybody,"
and I get to explain Jesus and the work that He commanded
those who love Him to follow.  She is seeing me
in a way that she's never seen, and I'm praying that
it will be the example that she esteems to follow one day." Sunni B.


"Resolved, when I feel pain, to think of
the pains of martyrdom, and of hell."
Jonathan Edwards, Resolution #10


My soul, wait in silence for God only,
For my hope is from Him.
He only is my rock and my salvation,
My stronghold; I shall not be shaken.
On God my salvation and my glory rest;
The rock of my strength, my refuge is in God.
Trust in Him at all times, O people;
Pour out your heart before Him;
God is a refuge for us. Psalm 62:5-8


Something to meditate on for the rest of our earthly lives


"Labour to obtain such a disposition of mind that you may choose heaven
for your inheritance and home; and may earnestly long for it, and be
willing to change this world, and all its enjoyments, for heaven.
Labor to have your heart taken up so much about heaven, and heavenly
enjoyments, as that you may rejoice when God calls you to leave your best
earthly friends and comforts for heaven, there to enjoy God and Christ." 
The Christian Pilgrim, Jonathan Edwards, Sept 1733


Proof that we live in a fallen world


"And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth,
and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart

was only evil continually." Genesis 6:5

An atheist makes a way for the Gospel to be heard

Stuart was on Wretched Radio back in Feb. of this year.
Stuart is an atheist. If you remember, he had a few problems (see vid below).
Well, he hasn't disappeared. I ran into him last week at the University
of North Texas. Then friends of mine ran into him the next day!
This guy can't seem to get away from Christians, can he!  :-)

Read HERE what Stewart does for the gospel.

Two atheists agree to meet for ice-cream

Click HERE for more!

New tract: Front and Back revealed...

Click to see what the animal is CALLED,
what it will USED for and what the BACK will say.

One message WORTH preaching...

Hat tip: Rob A.

Congrats! Meet Cheryl from Orgeon...

Cheryl is the winner of the tract handbag!

An Evangelist's Field Day...

Something to think about

How quickly can you read what this says?

If you're still not sure, click HERE and read the comments to find out.

Hat tip: Kirk McConnell

Ever feel like a wet puppy
when you go to share your faith?

Two things that might be an encouragment to propel 
you to hit the streets: Take the tract challenge
then, take the one-2-one challenge.


The PERFECT handbag to fit all your gospel tracts...

Getting Married? Here's something
memorable that even you can do.

Click HERE for more.

Snoop Dogg Takes  Ray Comfort's Gospel Tract

Click HERE to see which one!

2 Peter 3:5-7 

Door knockers...

The heart of the gospel...

"I have found, my brethren, by long experience
that nothing touches the heart like the cross of Christ.
When the heart is touched and wounded by the two-edged
sword of the Law, nothing heals its wounds like the
balm that flows from the pierced heart of Jesus."
The Heart of The Gospel, July 1886 by Charles. H. Spurgeon

Feeling down?
Why don't you take an hour and do this...

Pick some flowers, grab the kids...

Click HERE to see more.

Follow on Twitter

 The best way to find out what's happening
at Fish With Trish is to check back on this
page daily. But if like Twitter, you can
find out what Trish is up to on Twitter
now too. Special thanks to
for designing Trisha's Twitter page!

Beyond Bizarre "Jesus" Car

Bizarre "Jesus" Car

Even Kids Pass Out Tracts!

Meet Gabye. She ran up to Trish at church the other day
and said, "Look! I got a new tract purse!"

Is this you when it comes to sharing your faith?

Then check out a few witnessing videos on Trisha's
"Two Minute Evangelism Tip" section and walk away
with ideas that might help ease the fear of witnessing.
Plus there's a new "2 Minute Evangelism Tip" in the
works that you won't want to miss! Also, stop by the

 Fish With Trish YouTube Channel for more videos.

Every girl needs her handbag within arms reach

Are your tracts within arms reach each time you leave the house?
Chances are if they're not, you won't pass them out. So make sure
you have a handbag with lots of pockets for your tracts!

Meditate on this...

"He (God) stretches out the north over empty space and
hangs the earth on nothing." Job 26:7 (parenthesis added)


A great springboard for open air preaching...

One of the world's highest statues--Brazil

Ladies, don't forget your gospel tracts the 
next time you run errands...

A wise man...

What Evolutionists would have you believe...

How'd ya like to take this for a walk...
Meet the Elephant Dog.

Click HERE for more pics!

Looks like an interesting read... 

Click HERE to see what's inside!

Soulja Boy Takes a Celebrity
Million Dollar Bill Gospel Tract

Click HERE to read how Trish gave it to him!

 Atheists post billboards around DFW

The individual who is putting these up was on
The Way of the Master Radio in 07'!

Click HERE to read more!

Memorize the 10 Commandments in a snap!
I used to have the most difficult time memorizing the 10
Commandments. But when I found this tool (below)
years ago through Living Waters it helped me
trememdously. In fact, I memorized all 10 in order
within minutes. Have you memorized them? If not, this
is a quick way to lock each one in your mind. Try it.
It's simple. Here's what to do...Just visualize
each picture with the commandment. Go through them a
couple times and then quiz yourself to see how you do.

Click on each visual to make it larger.

Visit Living Waters for more cool tools!

What Happened on Darwin's Birthday?

While atheists were rejoicing this year over the
200th year anniversary of Darwin's birth,
this young man was hearing the everlasting
gospel of Jesus Christ on "Wretched Radio".
Click HERE for more!

Meet the Pastor of Hamas Founders Son

If you would like to leave a question for Pastor Matt click HERE!

Christian Women Online

Sunny Shell from Christian Women Online interviews Trish.
Click HERE for details

Nolan and Dolyn share their thoughts after hearing
the Gospel on Wretched Radio last Thursday.
Listen to what they have to say during Trisha's follow-up...

 Trish catches two BIG fish for "Wretched Radio"

Click HERE for more!

What GOD Thinks of Fornication

Watch what happened after "Wretched" phone fishing this past week...

Margarita and Brian were on "Wretched Radio" Thursday, Dec. 18th.
Watch what happened after they get off the air with Todd Friel.

Two Minute Tip with Trish--Fast Food Drive Thru

To Watch All Two Minute Tips from Trish, Click HERE

Trish goes fishing at the largest Mosque in Texas...

For More Click Here!

An Evangelist's Dream Come True...

A day at the beach in China


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